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At the Forefront of Texture and Color Measurement. Leading the Way in Firmness Testing since the 1980s. Trusted Worldwide for Exceptional Systems Deployed in 72 Countries.


"We have received the Agrosta machine, and we are thrilled with its compact and sturdy design. The engineering behind it is excellent! We are particularly impressed with how closely the size measurements align with our own hand measurements.The averages are very reliable. Thank you for your outstanding support in getting us started."
from the US Department of Agriculture
"First off, I must say that the Agrosta machine is incredibly versatile. It has greatly streamlined our process for both sizing and firmness testing. The retests we've conducted on random batches have produced results that are nearly identical to the initial tests, which is a fantastic sign of accuracy and consistency. We're highly impressed with its performance."
from Ocean Spray, USA
"Just a quick mail to thanks once again for everything in the recent calibration and upgrade drive of our groups devices. We appreciate the relationship and service. I just worked my way through the 3 boxes of Durofels. They are everything we expected and then some. whenever anyone asks what I recommend, I can assure you that AGROSTA will the firts words to come out ."

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Unveiling Agrosta's Vision and Expertise

Our expertise lies in measuring the characteristics of living entities, which often exhibit significant variations within the same batch or sample. Statistical analysis plays a crucial role in our approach.

Innovating Texture and Color Measurement Solutions

To maintain affordable production costs and high-quality standards, we leverage open-source technologies and 3D printing, enabling us to design custom instruments rapidly. We have streamlined administrative procedures to ensure our focus remains on technology development and client service.

Setting the Standards as a World Leader

Agrosta is widely regarded as a world leader in various areas, including blueberry firmness testing, chicken breast texture measurement for deep myopathy detection, turntable laboratory multifunctional machines for soft fruits, cherry maturity testing, and tomato firmness testing.

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