The AGROSTA® Winterwood is an automatic machine designed for testing batches of fruits and vegetables. It provides accurate measurements of firmness, size, and optional color analysis, along with comprehensive statistics that can be exported to Excel.

Agrosta® Winterwood is specifically designed for soft fruits with smooth skin, utilizing the Durofel sensor head. The turntables are equipped with 32 cups for blueberries, available in four different models based on blueberry size: Small, Normal, Big, and Big+, covering a diameter range of 10mm to 37mm. It’s important to note that the Winterwood machine is the only device worldwide that accurately measures blueberry firmness.
Additionally, the machine includes 20 cups for cherries (available in two models: big and small), cranberries, grapes, and olives.
Key Features:
  • Software: The machine comes with Windows-compatible software that includes a light version of Excel for data storage and analysis. It also provides tools for creating, opening, and modifying Excel files.
  • Turntables: Two different turntables are included, depending on the type of fruits or vegetables to be tested. Additional turntables can be ordered separately. Available turntables include 10 cups for apple, peach, or orange; 20 hemispheric cups for cherry, apricot, and cranberry; 20 oval cups for grapes or raspberries; and 32 cups for blueberries (with 4 different models according to berry size range).
  • Sensor Head: The machine is equipped with a pre-fitted sensor head with tips suitable for the specific fruits to be tested.
  • Precision: The AGROSTA® Winterwood features high-precision stepper motors, with 800 steps for 1mm movement (precision of 0.1mm), ensuring accurate measurements.
  • Color Measurement: An optional spectrophotometer (colorimeter) is available for analyzing the color of the samples. The color sensor provides intuitive measurements of light intensity reflected along the visible range, using six different wavelengths. A small glass lens is included to facilitate fruit juice cleaning and enhance accuracy.
  • Size Measurement: The machine counts the number of steps the motor takes to reach the fruit surface, providing an approximate diameter measurement at the probe position. The size measurement is representative from a statistical point of view.
  • Interchangeable Trays: Changing the tray for different fruits or vegetables is quick and easy.
  • The firmness of the fruits is determined by applying pressure, mimicking how a consumer would squeeze them with their fingers. The durofel index is used for measurement, and the machine is equipped with two different tips: ’10’ for apricots and tomatoes, and ’25’ for cherries and blueberries. The machine comes with the appropriate tip based on the fruits you are testing, and additional tips are available as an optional accessory. Firmness measurements are provided in Durofel index (ranging from 0 to 100%) and grams per mm2. The Durofel unit is based on the Shore A standard, which is the most reliable principle for measuring the firmness of fruits such as blueberries or cherries.
  • Analyzer with 2 turntables: €4950.
  • Additional turntable: €215 each.
  • Optional colorimeter: €405.

Thanks to our client, the public czech research center of Holovousy for using Agrosta Winterwood version 2019 in its corporate video :


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