The Agrosta®NEMESIS is not just an ordinary weighing scale. It is a powerful statistical weight recorder specifically designed for the fruit and food industry. This Bluetooth-enabled balance communicates seamlessly with smartphones or computers, providing real-time weight stabilization detection for direct export to Excel or PDF formats, as well as comprehensive statistical calculations.

The Agrosta®NEMESIS is the ideal solution for professionals in the fruit and food industry who require precise and efficient weight recording and analysis. Its Bluetooth connectivity, weight stabilization detection, and statistical calculations provide a comprehensive toolset for managing and optimizing your operations.
Key features of the Agrosta®NEMESIS include:
  1. Weight Stabilization Detection: It is equipped with advanced technology that detects weight stabilization. It can capture weight measurements at a rate of up to one measurement per second, ensuring accurate and precise data.
  2. High Precision: With a precision of 0.1g, it ensures accurate and reliable measurements. It has a maximum capacity of 2 kg, providing versatility for different weighing needs.
  3. Extensive Memory Capacity: It has a generous memory capacity, limited only by the storage capacity of your smartphone or tablet. You can store a large amount of data for future reference.
  4. Long Battery Life: It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 9 hours of continuous work with just 2 hours of charging.
  5. Field-Ready Design: The Agrosta®NEMESIS is designed to be portable and versatile, making it suitable for field use. You can bring it with you to various locations for on-site weighing and data recording.
In addition, the Agrosta®NEMESIS is accompanied by user-friendly applications for both Android and Windows:
For Android:
  • Statistical Analysis: Instant calculation of average and standard deviation.
  • Speech Function: Choose from 40 languages for voice prompts.
  • Batch Classification and Storage: Organize and store data in CSV format compatible with Excel.
  • Batch Consultation: Easily access and review previous batches.
  • Barcode Scanner: Streamline data entry with barcode scanning functionality.
  • GPS Position Recording: Record the GPS position during measurements.
  • Battery Level Indicator: Monitor the battery level for uninterrupted usage.
For Windows
  • Statistical Analysis: Instant calculation of average and standard deviation.
  • Batch Classification and Storage: Organize and store data in Excel format.
  • Exportable Data:  Export your collected data in PDF or Excel format, making it easy to share and analyze your results.
Android application
Android application
Windows application


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