• Sensor head of 25 (Included): Suitable for cherry, tomato, and blueberry measurements.

  • Optional Sensor head of 10: Designed for grapes, processed tomato, and apricots. Price: 135 €.

  • Optional Sensor head of 50: Specifically designed for strawberry measurements. Price: 135 €.


The AGROSTA® 100 BLUE, introduced in late 2022, is a dedicated firmness and maturity tester designed for soft fruits. It incorporates Bluetooth technology to communicate seamlessly with an Android or Windows app.

The Agrosta®100 Blue is a versatile instrument designed for testing the firmness of various fruits such as tomato, blueberry, cherry, plum, grape, strawberry, olive, and other soft products. It utilizes the Durofel scale for accurate measurements.
Key features of the Agrosta®100 Blue include:
  1. Rechargeable Battery and Charger: The instrument comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger for convenient and sustainable use.
  2. Fruit Juice Protection: It is equipped with a set of protections to safeguard against fruit juice, ensuring the longevity of the device.
  3. Ceramic Microparticle Sensor Module: The sensor module is constructed with ceramic microparticles, providing exceptional rigidity for precise and reliable measurements.
  4. Improved Power Management and Touch Pad: Version 3 of the instrument offers enhanced power management capabilities and a user-friendly touch pad interface.
In addition, the Agrosta®100 Blue is accompanied by user-friendly applications for both Android and Windows:
For Android:
  • Statistical Analysis: Instant calculation of average and standard deviation.
  • Speech Function: Choose from 40 languages for voice prompts.
  • Batch Classification and Storage: Organize and store data in CSV format compatible with Excel.
  • Batch Consultation: Easily access and review previous batches.
  • Barcode Scanner: Streamline data entry with barcode scanning functionality.
  • GPS Position Recording: Record the GPS position during measurements.
  • Customizable Measurement Configuration: Define the number of measurements per fruit, with only the average value recorded.
  • Battery Level Indicator: Monitor the battery level for uninterrupted usage.
For Windows:
  • Excel Compatibility: Includes a light version of Excel (no separate Excel installation required).
  • Statistical Analysis: Instant calculation of average and standard deviation.
  • Batch Classification and Storage: Organize and store data in Excel format.
Android application
Android application
Windows application


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