The Agrosta®ROXANNE is a sophisticated colorimeter and spectrophotometer designed for various applications in the food, fruits and vegetables, research, pharmacy, and chemistry industries. This innovative device measures color along the visible range and infrared, allowing for highly accurate sample classification. It has the ability to detect differences that are imperceptible to the human eye, enabling precise classification based on factors such as fruit maturity or milk fat content.

Key Features:
  • Accurate Color Measurement: The Agrosta®ROXANNE provides highly precise color measurement along the visible range and infrared spectrum. It can detect subtle differences in color that are not visible to the human eye, enabling fine classification of samples.
  • Versatile Sample Classification: With the Agrosta®ROXANNE, you can create classification files for different sample categories. The device uses a neural network interpolator to process the data and determine the closest match based on the nine-dimensional color space. This allows for the creation of unlimited classification categories for precise sample classification.
  • Comprehensive Software: The Agrosta®ROXANNE comes with user-friendly software for both classifying and measuring samples. The classification software allows you to create and manage classification files, while the measurement software provides accurate color data on nine wavelengths, including infrared. The data can be exported to Excel for further analysis.
  • Calibration: The calibration process is carefully performed during manufacturing, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliable results. By incorporating a flawless white reference, the Agrosta®ROXANNE provides precise and trustworthy measurements for your analysis needs.
  • Standalone Spectrophotometer: In addition to sample classification, the Agrosta®ROXANNE can be used as a standalone spectrophotometer. It provides precise measurements along the visible range and near-infrared, making it a versatile tool for various color analysis applications.
  • Measurement: Provides 10 values per measurement, including category, eight values for the visible range, one value in infrared, and one value for brightness.
  • Precision: 1/1000 on each wavelength (except 405nm, with a precision of 2/1000) and 1/1000 on brightness and infrared.
  • Resolution: 1/1000 (except 405nm, with a resolution of 2/1000).
  • Ambient Temperature and Calibration: The device’s measurements may vary with ambient temperature changes. It is recommended to recalibrate the device using the provided mirror if the temperature fluctuates by more than 2°C.


Scientific Details:
The Agrosta®ROXANNE utilizes a neural network interpolator to process data. In sample classification, the device searches for the shortest distance in a nine-dimensional space, corresponding to the nine wavelengths used. This complex process allows for the creation of numerous classifier files. Users can define an unlimited number of categories after teaching the colorimeter. Please note that the example shown in the image represents two dimensions, while the Agrosta®ROXANNE operates in a nine-dimensional space that cannot be visually represented.


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