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Our Story

Agrosta is a leading provider of innovative scientific instruments for the food, medicine, and pharmacy industries. With expertise in electronic instruments and machines, we specialize in measuring the texture and properties of living organisms and natural materials.

Since our establishment in 1985 as “Agro Technologie,” we have revolutionized the field with the invention of the Durofel machine for measuring soft fruits and vegetables’ firmness. Today, we offer top-quality instruments at competitive prices to clients worldwide, including packers, growers, manufacturers, researchers, governments, and universities.

Global Leader

With a presence in 74 countries, we have established ourselves as a trusted supplier, particularly in Spain, India, the USA, and South Africa. Our reach is expanding in Asia and Oceania, with Indonesia and Australia recognizing us as a reference point.

At Agrosta, simplicity, usability, and efficiency are at the core of our instrument designs. We provide instruments for measuring texture, size, color+infrared, and weight. Leveraging open-source technologies and 3D printing, we deliver customized solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Our streamlined administrative processes enable us to focus on technological advancement and exceptional client service. Agrosta leads the way in blueberries firmness testing, chicken breasts texture measurement for detecting deep myopathy, turntable laboratory multifunctional machines for soft fruits, cherries maturity testing, and tomato firmness testing.

Founder of Agrosta

Laurent Klotz, the owner and founder of Agrosta, is an esteemed engineer with a profound background in the aerospace industry. With a lifelong fascination for instrumentation, he began designing electronic boards at a remarkably young age. Laurent has made significant contributions throughout his career, including work on onboard instruments for prestigious projects such as Ariane 5 and Soyuz rockets. His passion for creating and selling instruments for agronomy and medicine drives his unwavering commitment to understanding and fulfilling your unique requirements.