The Agrosta®WONDERFAST Fruit Texture Analyzer is a versatile and highly precise instrument designed for measuring the texture and crush resistance of various fruits. It can be used as a penetrometer for fruits like apples, pears, and strawberries, or for crush resistance testing of tomatoes, blueberries, cherries, citrus fruits, and blackberries.

The Agrosta®WONDERFAST analyzer offers two measurement strategies:
  1. FIX PRESSURE AND MEASURE TRAVEL: This strategy is used for soft fruits, citrus, tomatoes, and avocados. With this approach, you can measure the travel of the measuring head while maintaining a fixed pressure. This strategy also allows for measurements using the FIRMETCH standard.
  2. FIX TRAVEL AND MEASURE PRESSURE: This strategy is mainly used when the machine functions as a penetrometer. However, it can also be applied to soft fruits. With this method, you fix the travel distance of the measuring head and measure the pressure exerted on the fruit.
Key Features:
  • Software for Windows (compatible with all versions), including a light version of Excel for direct data storage in Excel format. You can also use Agrosta software to create, open, and modify Excel files.
  • Rapid Measurement: The Wonderfast version of the Agrosta® analyzer enables lightning-fast measurements, allowing you to analyze up to 10 fruits in less than 1 minute. This exceptional speed ensures efficient and time-saving operations.
  • Multiple Turntables: The analyzer comes with a removable turntable that can be easily cleaned. Additionally, a wide range of turntable options is available, featuring specially designed cups to accommodate different fruit types and sizes.The following turntable options are available:
    • 10 cups for apples, peaches, or oranges
    • 20 hemispheric cups for cherries, apricots, and cranberries
    • 20 ovale cups for grapes or raspberries
    • 32 cups for blueberries (with 4 different models based on berry size range)
  • Intensive use design: Designed for intensive use, the analyzer includes a spring on the sensor head to maintain the fruit on the table during measurement, preventing it from rising with the measuring head. This allows for continuous measurements without the need to stop the process
  • Artificial intelligence: The analyzer utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize the measurement cycle. It automatically adjusts the stroke of the carriage based on the size of the largest fruit, maximizing efficiency.
  • Optional Colorimeter Integration: For comprehensive fruit analysis, the Agrosta®WONDERFAST offers the option to integrate a colorimeter. This allows for simultaneous texture and color measurements, providing valuable insights into the overall quality of the fruit.
  • Measurement Parameters: The analyzer provides precise measurements for firmness, cohesiveness, elasticity, brittleness, gumminess, and more, delivering comprehensive texture analysis.
  • Maximum Pressure: The analyzer can apply pressures of up to 12 Kg (24 Kg/cm2 with the 8 mm tip), making it suitable for a wide range of fruit varieties.
  • Precision: The Agrosta®WONDERFAST ensures accuracy up to 1 gram, providing highly reliable and consistent results.
  • Measurement Speed: With its efficient design, the analyzer can test the firmness of 10 apples on both sides in approximately 3 minutes, optimizing productivity.
  • Analyzer with 2 turntables: €4950.
  • Additional turntable: €215 each.
  • Optional colorimeter: €405.

Thanks to our client, the public czech research center of Holovousy for using Agrosta Winterwood version 2019 in its corporate video :


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