• Sensor headof 25 (Included): Suitable for cherry, tomato, and blueberry measurements.
  • Optional Stand: Enhance stability and convenience during measurements. Price: 87 €.
  • Optional Sensor headof 10: Designed for grapes, processed tomato, and apricots. Price: 135 €.
  • Optional Sensor headof 50: Specifically designed for strawberry measurements. Price: 135 €.


The Agrosta®100 USB is a firmness tester/maturity tester that operates according to the Durofel standard. It is powered by a USB plug and communicates with a PC via a USB cable. classification, and data export to Excel.

Designed specifically for soft fruits and berries, the Agrosta®100 USB is a versatile tool for assessing the firmness of various fruits, including blueberries, tomatoes, cherries, grapes, strawberries, plums, apricots, peaches, and olives.
Key features of the Agrosta®100 USB include:
  1. Fruit Juice Protection: It is equipped with a set of protections to safeguard against fruit juice, ensuring the longevity of the device.
  2. Ceramic Microparticle Sensor Module: The sensor module is constructed with ceramic microparticles, providing exceptional rigidity for precise and reliable measurements.
 the Agrosta®100 USB is accompanied by user-friendly applications for Windows:
  • Excel Compatibility: Includes a light version of Excel (no separate Excel installation required).
  • Statistical Analysis: Instant calculation of average and standard deviation.
  • Batch Classification and Storage: Organize and store data in Excel format.


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